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Translation Price Per Word: Defining Per-Page Costs for Certified Translations

Translating a document can be daunting, with various types of translation available and different pricing structures. At FastTranslate.io, our certified translations are priced at $23.99 per page. Importantly, this rate is based not on the number of physical pages but the total number of words in your document. Let’s clarify how this page count is calculated and what it means for your translation needs.

Why We Price Translations Based on Word Count

At FastTranslate.io, our translation price per word translates into a clear cost per page, with each page defined by the industry standard of 250 words. This pricing structure ensures fairness and transparency, aligning costs with the actual amount of work required.

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Example to Illustrate Pricing Based on Word Count

Consider two different documents you want to translate:

  • Document X: A contract that is physically one page but contains 1,000 words.
  • Document Y: An agreement also spanning one physical page but with only 250 words.

If we priced based on physical pages, both Document X and Document Y would cost the same. However, translating Document X involves more work due to the higher word count.

By applying the industry document translation price standard of 250 words per page, the pricing reflects the actual effort:

  • Document X would be priced as four pages (1,000 words ÷ 250 words/page = 4 pages).
  • Document Y remains at one page.

This method ensures that you pay based on the volume of words—directly correlating to the translator’s effort and time. It is equitable for clients because they pay only for the content volume they present and fair for translators, who receive compensation proportionate to the task’s complexity and length.

Things To Consider

Benefits of Word Count Pricing

This approach eliminates any ambiguity about certified translation page count and directly ties the cost to the amount of content, which is a clear and transparent measure. It assures clients that they’re not overpaying for shorter documents or underpaying for more complex tasks, balancing the scale between customer charges and translator workload. This standardization helps both sides understand and agree on the value of the translation services provided.

What is Considered a Word?

For translation purposes, a word includes any set of characters that are separated by spaces or punctuation. This encompasses letters, numbers, symbols, and other elements that form part of the text. For instance, the sentence “Dr. Smith called 911!” is counted as four words: ‘Dr.,’ ‘Smith,’ ‘called,’ ‘911!’. This counting method ensures that every part of your document is accurately considered in the pricing.

How to Get the Complete Word Count

Calculating the total word count can be straightforward if your document is typed—most word processing software provides a word count tool. However, if your document includes handwritten text, images with text, or any unusual formatting, determining an accurate word count can become more complex. At FastTranslate.io, you can request a free quote where we use professional tools to measure your word count accurately. These tools are specifically designed to recognize and count words in various formats, ensuring you get a precise estimate for your translation costs.

Additional Services

Beyond certified translations, we offer supplementary services to cater to all your translation needs. These include document notarization, expedited processing for urgent requests, and professional translation by a licensed industry expert for enhanced accuracy. Each service is tailored to enhance your experience and meet specific requirements, providing comprehensive support throughout the translation process.

Understanding our pricing model for certified document translation based on word count—250 words per page—ensures that you know exactly what you’re paying for, with no surprises. This clear approach helps you anticipate costs effectively when you’re handling important documents, whether they are for legal, immigration, or personal matters. At FastTranslate.io, we’re dedicated to providing you with precise and timely translations that meet your exact needs. Ready to get started or looking for a precise free quote? We’re here to simplify the translation process for you, making it as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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