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Geographically, Burmese is prevalent not only in Myanmar but also in the border regions, where communities with historical ties to Myanmar reside. This linguistic influence extends to neighboring countries, adding to the importance of the language and contributing to its dynamic evolution.

With over 30 million native speakers, Burmese has a considerable speaker base, which is an important part of Myanmar’s identity. The Burmese script, an integral element of the language, derives from the ancient Brahmi script and has evolved over the centuries, reflecting the cultural changes and influences that have shaped Myanmar’s history.

In recent times, the Burmese language has gained international recognition, driven by growing global interest in Myanmar’s socio-political landscape and economic potential. As Myanmar integrates into the international community, the demand for Burmese translation services is on the rise.

For Burmese translations to be accurate and culturally sensitive, specialized language expertise is essential. Our team of Burmese translators at Fast Translate is made up of native Burmese speakers who bring an in-depth knowledge of the language, including regional variations and cultural context. We specialize in delivering accurate and authentic translations, ensuring that your content is delivered effectively.

Types of Burmese Translations We Offer

Certified Burmese Translation

FastTranslate.io is proud to offer unparalleled accuracy in certified Burmese translations. Our certified translators specialize in fast and accurate services for legal, academic, and personal documents. 

With affordable and transparent per-page pricing, you gain complete flexibility and control over your Burmese translation costs. 

Our certified translations are optimized for different uses, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, legal documents, academic records, and more. 

Standard Burmese Translation

Our team of professional Burmese translators specializes in several specific sectors. This way we can accommodate both personal and technical translations. Our standard Burmese translation services are available for individuals and companies. 

At FastTranslate.io, we have set the standard for excellence in the Burmese translation industry, ensuring that your content is translated with the utmost accuracy. 

Our professionals cater to diverse fields and niches, delivering standard Burmese translations for different industries or particular cases. 

Burmese Document Translation

Not only do we provide accurate translations, we also take care of your peace of mind by following strict standards to maintain the privacy of your documents.

We understand the complexities involved in translating Burmese medical, academic, legal, and technical documents. FastTranslate has a specialized team of translators trained to provide Burmese document translation services in various sectors. 

In addition, our quality control includes 2 proofreaders per document, allowing us to ensure accuracy. 

Document Translation Services

Discover top-tier language solutions with our range of services. Our team of skilled professionals delivers standard, professional, and certified document translation services that are guaranteed to be fast, reliable, and affordable.

Certified Translation

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For use by governments, courts, universities and other institutions which need an official translation.

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Standard Translation

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For use in presentations, Internal Communications, Emails, Letters, Business material, Websites, Apps.

$0.10 Per Word

Standard Services

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Professional Translation

Recomended Use

For use in Reports, Business Material, Presentations, Websites, Apps.

$0.13 Per Word

Standard Services

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