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Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Online

According to the ATA (American Translators Association), a certified translation is one where a document is accompanied by a signed document recognizing that the translation is complete and accurate to the best of the translating parties’ knowledge—also known as a “Certification of Accuracy”. Note that it has to be a literal translation. Therefore, the translator can not use subjective or interpretive language to carry out the translation. Then, the focus is always on maintaining the tone and meaning of the original document. That is why our team of Certified translators includes professionals who are native speakers of the requested languages so we can offer the best results.

Important: Although in the United States a translator does not need to be certified in order to certify a translation. Undoubtedly it is a good practice to have a certified translator to make the certification official, so as to avoid having the translation being rejected by the receiving party. For this reason, certified translation companies rely on professional sworn translators.

It is essential to know that once a translation has been certified, it can not be changed in any form.

A certified statement, what does it include?

Your certified translation services will include the following:

  • A proclamation verifying the completeness and accuracy of the translated document
  • A statement confirming the translator’s certification.
  • The translator’s name, signature, and date.
  • ATA certification number and seal

Common uses for certified translation services:

FastTranslate.io ensures 100% accuracy by having two proofreaders review your translation before delivery. Affordable pricing makes us a popular choice for many companies.

Optional Service

Certified Translation

Recommended Use

For use by governments, courts, universities and other institutions which need an official translation.

$23.99 Per Page

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Certified Translation Services Samples

These are samples of the digital copy you will receive. We will send your document in a PDF format. Please note that we do not replicate the design on the original document.

Translation Certificate of ID Card for Spanish to English
Id Card Translation
Translation Certificate of Birth for Spanish to English
Birth Certificate Translation
Certified Translation of Tax Information
Tax Information Translation

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Certified Translation Services

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Get your Certified translation online within 24 hours, ideal for time-critical documents. After placing your order, it will be assigned to one of our translators who will work on it instantly.


Our Certified Translation cost only $23.99 per page for certified translations and $0.10 for standard translations. Our straightforward and budget-friendly pricing system simplifies the process for you. Each page is classified as containing 250 words or fewer. Request a free quote with no commitments.

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Whether it's birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, or any other legal documents you require translation for, rest assured that our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by USCIS.

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We have full confidence that you will be thoroughly satisfied with our services that in the unlikely event that our work doesn't meet our rigorous standards, we are more than willing to offer you a complete refund with our 100% money-back guarantee.

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