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Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services Online

Certified translation services online provide officially recognized translations of documents, which are often required for legal, immigration, educational, or business purposes. Here’s a detailed look at the various aspects of certified translation services:

Certified Translation Online

FastTranslate’s online certified translation services provide the same essential functions as traditional in-person services but are facilitated through digital platforms. These services are designed to be convenient, allowing clients to submit documents and receive translations without physical meetings, which is especially valuable for individuals and organizations needing timely services from anywhere in the world.

What is Certified Translation Used For?

Certified translations ensure that documents are accepted as valid and accurate by various authorities and organizations across different jurisdictions. Here are some specific documents and contexts in which certified translations are commonly required:

1. USCIS U.S. Immigration Applications

Purpose: These documents must be translated to comply with the official language of the country where the application is being submitted. The translations must be certified to assure the immigration authorities of their authenticity.

Common Documents:

2. Legal Documentation for Court Cases

Purpose: Certified translations are necessary to ensure that all parties involved in a court case understand the contents exactly as they appear in their original format. This is crucial for upholding the legal process across different language speakers.

Common Documents:

  • Contracts
  • Witness statements
  • Legal rulings
  • Evidence documents

3. Academic Records for Study Abroad Programs

Purpose: Students applying to institutions where another language is spoken need certified translations of their academic records to verify their qualifications and ensure they meet the institution’s admission criteria.

Common Documents:

4. Medical Records for Treatment in Foreign Countries

Purpose: When receiving medical treatment abroad, certified translations of medical records are required so that healthcare providers can accurately understand a patient’s medical background and ensure appropriate care.

Common Documents:

5. Business Contracts and Agreements for International Trade

Purpose: For businesses engaging in cross-border activities, certified translations of contracts and agreements are vital to ensure that all parties have a clear, accurate understanding of the terms and commitments involved, thus avoiding legal disputes and fostering trust.

Common Documents:

Each type of document is essential in its specific area, and our certified translators help ensure these documents stay true to their original meaning when translated into other languages. We guarantee that we will not only meet legal requirements but also help people from different countries and cultures understand and work together better.

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Certified Translation

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For use by governments, courts, universities and other institutions which need an official translation.

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What Does a Certified Translation Include?

Our certified translations generally include the following:

  • A translated document that is an accurate reflection of the original content.
  • A certificate of accuracy, signed by the translator or the translation company, affirming that the translation is complete and accurate.
  • The translator’s credentials, detailing their qualifications and authority to translate officially.
  • A seal or stamp, if required, to further authenticate the document.

Certified Translation Services Samples

These are samples of the digital copy you will receive. We will send your document in a PDF format. Please note that we do not replicate the design on the original document.

Translation Certificate of ID Card for Spanish to English
Id Card Translation
Translation Certificate of Birth for Spanish to English
Birth Certificate Translation
Certified Translation of Tax Information
Tax Information Translation

Why Get a Certified Translation Done by a Professional

Opting for a certified translation service provided by a professional ensures that all requirements are met efficiently and accurately, which is vital when dealing with critical or sensitive documentation.

Certified Translation Services


Our professional certified translator would ensure that the translation is accurate and true to the original, which is crucial for official documents.


Official bodies often require a translation that adheres to specific standards only professionals are familiar with.

Legal validity

Certified translations by professionals may carry legal validity, which is necessary for court documents and similar uses.


Professionals are trained to handle cultural differences and technical jargon that might not be obvious to amateur translators.


A certified translation minimizes the risk of rejection due to errors or non-compliance with format and content standards.

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