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Standard Translation Services

Standard Translation Services

Select the translation style that best suits your needs with our Standard translation services which give you the option of a precise, word-for-word translation for maximum accuracy, or a more adaptive transcreation (also known as localization). This approach helps adjust your message to better suit the cultural preferences of your international audience, making it more relatable and effective.

FastTranslate can handle any document as long as it is clear and readable. All translations are delivered in both DOCX (Microsoft Word) and PDF formats, allowing you the flexibility to use your documents as needed. Choose our services for a personalized translation that ensures your message is understood clearly, no matter where it’s headed.

How Standard Translation Can Be Applied

  • Business Documents: Translate legal documents, financial reports, and corporate communications to ensure that all stakeholders, regardless of their language, are well-informed about your business practices and decisions.

  • Personal Letters: Translation of personal communications can help maintain relationships with people who speak different languages, ensuring personal sentiments and emotions are conveyed accurately.

  • Websites: Translating your website can significantly increase your reach, allowing users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to access your services and products, thus expanding your market.

  • Apps and Software: Localization of user interfaces and help documentation ensures that users in various regions can fully utilize your software or app’s features without language constraints.

  • Emails and Internal Communications: By translating emails and internal documents, companies can create a more inclusive workplace where all employees, regardless of their native language, are kept informed and engaged.

  • Reports: Translating reports (e.g., research findings, annual reports) allows broader dissemination of information, which can be crucial for public companies, research institutions, and non-profits aiming to reach international audiences.

At, we guarantee that your document is 100% accurate by having two proofreaders review your standard translation before delivery. Join the thousands of customers who trust us with our fast, affordable, and reliable translation service.

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Standard Translation

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For use in presentations, Internal Communications, Emails, Letters, Business material, Websites, Apps.

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Standard Services

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Localization Services vs. Standard Translations

Localization Services adapt a document’s translation to specifically appeal to a particular region or culture. This ensures the content is easily understandable by the local audience, using familiar terms and expressions. Here, standard translation is particularly helpful as it modifies the language to improve the connection between the sender and the receiver.

This type of translation does more than just translate words directly from one language to another. It strives to maintain the original tone and meaning of the message while considering the cultural context of the audience. Therefore, standard document translation services are perfect for personal and business documents that don’t need formal certification. These translation services are professional, available online, and provide fast and reliable results.

Effortless and Efficient Online Document Translation

Experience the ease and convenience of modern standard translation services online without compromising on quality. FastTranslate offers reliable and accurate human translations that are executed promptly to meet your diverse needs. Say goodbye to time-consuming traditional translation methods and welcome a more streamlined, efficient process. Whether you need translations for business documents, personal letters, or technical manuals, trust us to deliver professional results swiftly and conveniently online. Choose FastTranslate for a hassle-free translation experience that saves you time while maintaining high standards.

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Get your translation within 24 hours, ideal for time-critical documents. After placing your order, it will be assigned to one of our translators who will work on it instantly.


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We have full confidence that you will be thoroughly satisfied with our services that in the unlikely event that our work doesn't meet our rigorous standards, we are more than willing to offer you a complete refund with our 100% money-back guarantee.