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Standard Translation Services

Standard Translation Services or Localization Services

A standard document translation can be word-for-word (literal translation) or it can be an interpretive translation. Depending on the client’s needs we can do both. Whereas an interpretive translation or transcreation as it is commonly known is one where the message of the translated document is provided using the general idea of the message. This helps in the case of translating to a different culture that might use different terminology to say the same thing. We can help you with any type of document as long as it is legible. On the other hand, we will deliver your translations in a document in DOCX. (Microsoft Word) and PDF format.

Some of these document translation services include:

  • Business documents
  • Personal letters
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Software
  • Emails
  • Internal communication
  • Reports

At we make sure that your document is 100% accurate by having 2 proofreaders review your standard translation prior to delivery. For this reason and because we offer affordable pricing, many companies choose to work with us.

Optional Service

Standard Translation

Recommended Use

For use in presentations, Internal Communications, Emails, Letters, Business material, Websites, Apps.

$0.10 Per Word

Standard Services

Optional Services

Localization Services as Standard Translations

Localization Services is when a document translation is made to target a specific region or culture. This allows the end reader to be able to better understand the content since it is made using terms common to the culture being targeted. In these cases, a standard translation is ideal, since it adapts to the type of language used by both the sender and the receiver.

Therefore, beyond being a certified translation where it is literally translated word for word, it is a translation service where the focus is on maintaining the tone and meaning of the message while respecting the context of the message. For this reason, in these cases, a standard document translation service is perfect, as they are usually personal and business documents that do not require certification. In addition, this is an online translation service where you can count on fast and reliable work.

If you need a translation, but do not know how many words your document has, remember that you can request a free quote.

How We Do It For You

Certified Translation Services

Fast Turnaround

Get your translation within 24 hours, ideal for time-critical documents. After placing your order, it will be assigned to one of our translators who will work on it instantly.


Only $0.10 per word. Our straightforward and budget-friendly pricing system simplifies the process for you. Request a free quote with no commitments.

Money-back Guarantee

We have full confidence that you will be thoroughly satisfied with our services that in the unlikely event that our work doesn't meet our rigorous standards, we are more than willing to offer you a complete refund with our 100% money-back guarantee.

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