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Background Check Translation

A background check is a detailed report summarizing an individual’s past activities and history. It’s commonly required for official purposes like immigration applications, employment verifications, or academic enrollments.

When used for USCIS purposes, a translated background check is vital to present a clear understanding of an individual’s history, supporting their immigration process. It aids officials in comprehending an applicant’s background, ensuring transparency and compliance with immigration requirements.

The importance of translating a background check lies in providing accurate and accessible information to authorities. A translated document eliminates language barriers, allowing USCIS officials to review an applicant’s history efficiently and accurately. Choosing a professional background check translator ensures the accurate conveyance of crucial information, smoothing the path for immigration procedures, employment verification, or academic enrollments.

At FastTranslate.io, we’ve translated thousands of background checks. At only $23.99 per page and available in over 60 languages, our certified background check translation service prioritizes accuracy and adherence to official standards.

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To have your background check translated and certified, please select “Certified Translation” as the translation type.


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We work with over 60 languages. Simply select your source language and the  target language you would like to translate your background check to.


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You can upload your background check to our site or provide us with a link to access your background check. 


Most frequent questions and answers

You may need it when submitting background check documents for legal or official purposes in a language other than the original. The certification assures the authorities that the translation is accurate, complete, and meets the necessary legal standards.

While various translation services exist, it’s advisable to choose a certified background check translation service. This ensures that the translation is conducted by a professional translator and includes a certification statement, meeting the specific requirements for legal and official use.

Yes, certified background check translations are often necessary for immigration processes. Immigration authorities may require a certified translation of your background check to ensure that the information is accurately understood, especially when the original documents are in a language other than the one used by the immigration office.
Yes, at FastTranslate.io we offer notarized translations for further authentication. Notarization means that both the translation and the translator’s certification statement are officially certified by a notary public, which provides an additional level of verification.

Yes, sworn translations of background checks are generally accepted for employment verification purposes. Employers and regulatory agencies often require translations of background checks to ensure an accurate assessment and understanding of an individual’s background, especially in multilingual workplaces.