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Divorce Documents Certified Translation

Divorce documents mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. These legal documents, often emotionally charged, encapsulate the complexities of separation. The importance begins in that these documents have the legal details of the separation, covering aspects such as property division, child custody, and alimony. 

In other words, these papers hold the key to your past, present, and future. Therefore, when considering a new beginning in the United States, having a certified translation of your divorce documents becomes more than just a formality, it becomes a necessity.

Our certified translators ensure that every part of your divorce documents is translated accurately, preserving legal integrity and emotional details. In addition, we offer a service that is not only fast and reliable but also affordable, at a price of $23.99 per page, combining affordability with excellence.

On the other hand, our service not only includes a certified translator but also two proofreaders per project. This way we ensure that your translation will be error-free.

In addition to our commitment to accuracy, we pride ourselves on our accessibility. Our translations are available in more than 60 languages. In other words, we understand our clients’ diverse language needs and our team is ready to meet them.

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To have your divorce documents translated and certified, please select “Certified Translation” as the translation type.


Select Language

We work with over 60 languages. Simply select your source language and the target language you would like to translate your divorce documents to.


Provide Materials

You can upload your divorce documents to our site or provide us with a link to access your divorce documents. 


Most frequent questions and answers
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that all non-English documents be accompanied by a certified translation. This includes divorce documents, and in these cases, a certified translation ensures accuracy and compliance with the requirements set forth by the USCIS.

A certified translation is a professional and legally recognized translation accompanied by a signed statement from the translator or translation agency. FastTranslate.io takes pride in providing certified and notarized translations that meet USCIS requirements.

At FastTranslate.io our service lives up to its name, offering fast translations without compromising on quality. We offer a turnaround time of 24 hours or less. In addition, we also have a certified expedited translation service available to suit the needs of our clients.

Our certified divorce document translation service is priced at $23.99 per page. We understand the financial considerations involved in the immigration process, and our affordable pricing ensures that quality translations are affordable to everyone.

We offer certified translations in over 60 languages, ensuring that linguistic diversity is never an obstacle. Whether your documents are in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic or any other language, FastTranslate.io has you covered.

Absolutely. Our certified translators and proofreaders are dedicated to maintaining the utmost accuracy in every translation. Your divorce documents are in capable hands, and we strive to capture the legal nuances and emotional context accurately.