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Birth Certificate Translation Services

Birth certificate translation services provide essential support for individuals who need to submit their birth documents in another language. These services focus on delivering accurate translations that meet the requirements set by various institutions, both governmental and otherwise. Professional translators ensure that each translation adheres to the necessary legal and technical standards, making these documents acceptable worldwide.

Scenarios Requiring Birth Certificate Translation

There are several occasions where having a translated birth certificate becomes necessary. Having this document in the required language can be crucial for completing various formal processes, whether for official or personal reasons. Here are some of the most common scenarios where a birth certificate translation is needed:

  • Immigration and Naturalization: If you’re applying for visas, permanent residency, or citizenship, a translated birth certificate is commonly required to prove your identity and origin.

  • Studying and Working Abroad: Many schools and employers abroad need a translated birth certificate to confirm your age and birthplace.

  • Getting Married Overseas: Obtaining a marriage license in another country often requires presenting a birth certificate in the local language.

  • Legal Matters: For cases like inheritance disputes, adoption processes, or legal name changes, a certified translation of your birth certificate is frequently necessary.

Certified Translation

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For use by governments, courts, universities and other institutions which need an official translation.

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Meeting Immigration Translation Standards Worldwide

When we help you with translating a birth certificate from French, Chinese, Arabic or Spanish to English or vice versa, we focus on the specific needs of various immigration authorities like USCIS in the United States, UK Visas, and Immigration in the United Kingdom, or the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. Our service ensures your translated birth certificate has the correct format and includes all necessary official details required by these authorities. We guarantee compliance with their stringent standards to facilitate your visa, residency, or citizenship applications.

Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS

Translating birth certificates for the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is a common requirement. USCIS mandates that all foreign documents be translated fully and accurately, capturing every detail from the original. Professional translation is crucial because it adheres to these strict guidelines, reducing the risk of delays in your application process due to errors. This thorough approach helps streamline the submission of your documents.

Additional Services: Certified, Notarized, and Apostille

To make sure that your birth certificate translation is fully accepted by international authorities, we provide a range of certification services tailored to your needs. Certified translations include a translator’s declaration or our translation company certifying the accuracy and completeness of the translation. Notarized translations take this a step further with a notary public who officially verifies the identity of the translator, providing a legal stamp of approval. An apostille certification may be required for documents used outside of the country. This involves a certification under the Hague Convention, which authenticates the document for international use, making it acceptable in all countries that recognize the convention. These services ensure that whether your translated birth certificate is used for immigration, academic, or legal purposes, it meets the strictest standards of verification demanded by institutions worldwide. Especially for USCIS, our birth certificate translation service is meticulously prepared to meet USCIS guidelines, ensuring the smooth processing of your applications.

3 Easy Steps To Your Birth Certificate Certified Translation


Translation Type

To have your birth certificate translated and certified, please select “Certified Translation” as the translation type.


Select Language

We work with over 60 languages. Simply select your source language and the target language you would like to translate your birth certificate to.


Provide Materials

You can upload your birth certificate to our site or provide us with a link to access your birth certificate. 

Who Should Translate a Birth Certificate

While you might consider translating a birth certificate yourself, opting for a professional service like FastTranslate.io ensures a more dependable and stress-free result. Known for precision and reliability, FastTranslate.io employs experienced translators who excel in handling personal documents with accuracy and cultural sensitivity. They consistently meet and often exceed the stringent certification standards required by institutions worldwide. Choosing professionals like us guarantees that your translated birth certificate will be accepted wherever it’s submitted, saving you the hassle and uncertainty of self-translated documents.

Finding the Right Translation Service

If you’re wondering, “Where can I get a translation for my birth certificate?” look no further than FastTranslate. We are known for delivering fast, accurate, and reliable translation services for birth certificates and other official documents. At FastTranslate, we value precision and timely delivery when handling such sensitive information.

The accuracy of your translated birth certificate can significantly influence various aspects of your life, from personal to professional. Choosing a professional translation service ensures that your documents comply with the rigorous standards required by bodies like USCIS. Order your translation today.

What Our Clients Say

Their translation service was really fast. I needed my Birth Certificate to be translated ASAP and I even got it a couple of hours in advance.
- Caitleen
They definitely did not disappoint. This is very convenient. Getting Certified Translations done by experts is much better than going through the hassle of doing it myself and worrying if I did it right. This is worth every penny!
- Liz Clavo
They never let me down. I keep ending up choosing them for translations because they stay true to their word. Fast, Reliable, and Affordable indeed.
- Juan Mendoza


Most frequent questions and answers
A certified translation of a birth certificate involves the meticulous translation of the document by a qualified professional translator or translation agency. It goes beyond a simple translation, as it includes a formal statement attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation. This certification serves as a guarantee that the translated content faithfully reflects the details of the original birth certificate.

USCIS mandates the submission of documents in English, and a certified translation of your birth certificate is crucial for compliance. Since, the certification accompanying the translation confirms that the translator or translation agency has accurately conveyed all the information from the original document, meeting the specific standards set by USCIS.

Of course, you can. Opting for a notarized translation adds an additional level of authentication. This process involves having a notary officially certify the translated document and the translator’s statement. This notarization increases the credibility of the birth certificate translation, making it the preferred choice for various official uses. At FastTranslate.io we offer certified and notarized translation services.

While a general birth certificate translation involves converting the document into another language, a birth certificate translation for USCIS is specifically tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This specialized translation ensures that the document aligns with USCIS standards, including the inclusion of a certification statement.

The trustworthiness of an online service depends on its reputation and professionalism. It is crucial to select a service with a track record of providing accurate and reliable certified translations for birth certificates. Look for experienced translators familiar with the specific nuances and requirements, particularly if the translation is intended for USCIS or other official purposes. For this reason in FastTranslate.io we offer certified and notarized translation services.
The turnaround time for a certified translation of a birth certificate is 24 hours. But we also offer an expedited service, in order to adapt to the needs of each client.

Yes, at Fast Translate we offer comprehensive solutions by providing certified and notarized translations of birth certificates for USCIS. This double certification reinforces the authenticity of the document and is especially beneficial for people seeking additional assurance and authentication for their translated documents.

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